TNG 3×13 “Deja Q”


Q:”Q, the ordinary.”

Picard:”Q, the liar, Q, the misanthrope.”

Q:”Q, the miserable. Q, the desperate. What must I do to convince you people?”


Riker and Picard: “…….(哇哈哈哈哈)”

Q:”Oh, very clever, Worf. Eat any good books lately?”

In Turbolift:

Q:” I don’t like it in here,
It was a mistake.
I never should have picked human.
I knew it the moment I said it.
To think of a future in this shell.
Forced to cover myself with a fabric
because of some outdated human morality…
to say nothing of being too hot or too cold…
growing feeble with age, losing my hair
catching a disease, being ticklish, sneezing
having an itch, a pimple, bad breath.
Having to bathe.”

Wolf: “Too Bad.”

Q: “I’ve been entirely preoccupied by a most frightening experience of my own.
A couple of hours ago, I realized that my body was no longerfunctioning properly.
I felt weak.
I could no longer stand.
The life was oozing out of me.
I lost consciousness.”

Picard: “You fell asleep.”

Q:”Oh… terrifying.
How can you stand it day after day?”

Q: “What are you looking at?”

Data:” I was considering the possibility that you are telling the truth…that you really are human.”

Q:”It’s the ghastly truth, Mr. Data.
I can now stub my toe with the best of them.”

Data:”An irony.
It means that you have achieved in disgrace
what I have always aspired to be.”

Q: “Ow… I think.”

Doctor: “Now what?”

Q: “There’s something wrong with my stomach.”

Doctor: “It hurts?”

Q: “It’s making noises.”

Doctor: “Maybe you’re hungry.”


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