Total Commander 6.53

Total Commander (原來的 Windows Commander)真的是一個好用又有在維護的軟體。 在 6.52 之後的 1 個月, 6.53 釋出了。

6.53只是一個小小的 bugfix version,坦白說,真的沒有什麼特別好提的。所以我直接把 History 列在下面好了….

31.05.05 Release Total Commander 6.53
31.05.05 Fixed: Unicode search not working on Windows 9x/ME
31.05.05 Fixed: Corrections to help file and keyboard.txt
31.05.05 Fixed: Delete temp dir when re-packing archive to packer plugin archive (only if the archiver deleted the files in it)
29.05.05 Fixed: Win9x only: some media files not playing with F3 when name longer than 97 characters (bug in media player window)
27.05.05 Fixed: Watchdirs=32 option: Free space in other panel was not updated if showing same disk, but other directory

25.05.05 Release Total Commander 6.53 RC 1
25.05.05 Fixed: Executing command like “notepad.exe” on the command line (including the double quotes) passed invalid parameters to the launched program
25.05.05 Added: Two new WatchDirs options: 16: Update footer (total file sizes), 32: Update header (free disk space). May slow down operation, so enable only if really necessary.
25.05.05 Fixed: Content plugins: Support field of type FullText also before other variables (TC reports plugin interface version 1.5 or later)
25.05.05 Fixed: Alt+F9 unpack: When using external unrar, setting option “unpack to separate dirs” and leaving path field empty, the files may be unpacked to the target instead of the source path
25.05.05 Fixed: Increased limit of packer plugins (extension list can now take 1 kbyte instead of 512 bytes)
24.05.05 Fixed: Trying to access a server with cd \\server in the command line where the server has no guest account causes connect dialog. Clicking on cancel shows again connect dialog when trying to open subdir
24.05.05 Added: Increased width of dropdown box in synchronize dirs – wildcards
24.05.05 Fixed: Two folders aaaa and aaaaa. Rename aaaaa to a Russian 4 character name with English language settings -> it was moved to aaaa
24.05.05 Fixed: Could not inplace rename a directory to a Unicode name (e.g. Russian on English Windows) containing spaces
24.05.05 Fixed: If a hotkey like F2 is mapped to cm_renameonly, pressing this hotkey multiple times will select name part/name+ext of the file in alternating way
22.05.05 Fixed: Brief view: made inplace rename window 4 pixels wider to fit in entire name (except if edit box would exceed list window width)

19.05.05 Release Total Commander 6.53 beta 1
19.05.05 Fixed: Plugin detect string was cut at 259 chars when adding OTHER plugin
18.05.05 Fixed: F3 view remote ftp file twice was sometimes not working (download OK, but file not found)
18.05.05 Fixed: If WatchDirs is enabled and a file appears above the current item during inplace rename, the wrong file may be renamed
18.05.05 Fixed: temp dirs created under %temp%\_tc were no longer removed after deleting the file itself
18.05.05 Added: New command line parameters /P=L and /P=R to set the active file panel (left or right panel)
18.05.05 Fixed: Don’t set attributes to 0 when creating new directory (it’s no longer necessary on Win32, and causes problems with Samba)
18.05.05 Fixed: When using the color scheme “high contrast black”, the lister search dialog options were also black on black
18.05.05 Fixed: When using the color scheme “high contrast black”, print preview showed text black on black and sometimes printed white on white -> explicitly set font color to color_windowtext for preview, and black (0) for printing
18.05.05 Fixed: FTP to IBM MVS Mainframe: Switching between tabs was not working due to error in path/url handling
18.05.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Duplicate name warning when comparing Unicode names which have the same name pattern (same length, English and spaces in same places)
17.05.05 Fixed: Watchdirs: When a file was added above the current position while outside of TC, the selection became wrong if restoring it with ‘/’ after switching back to TC
17.05.05 Fixed: Watchdirs: When a file was added above the current position, the current file index changed
16.05.05 Fixed: Tab order in search – plugins wasn’t top to bottom
16.05.05 Fixed: FTP resume upload: Some FTP servers seem to return wrong (downloaded in text mode) file size on SIZE command -> call TYPE I before calling SIZE
15.05.05 Fixed: Command line: Executing an URL like didn’t work if the default verb for .htm wasn’t ‘open’. Same fix also in button bar and start menu
15.05.05 Fixed: Shift+F6 (inplace rename) directly at program start -> longer file name was shown displaced
15.05.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Function “Set local date to remote” was no longer available
10.05.05 Fixed: Could not correctly switch between connections to the same FTP server with different dirs on two tabs
10.05.05 Fixed: Unpack and Execute on NT4 with file containing a space causes file not found error
10.05.05 Fixed: Drag&Drop: “drop forbidden” cursor circle not visible on black ground – added white border
10.05.05 Fixed: Gzip archive with invalid extra field length could cause access violation (read beyond buffer length, no security risk since read only)
10.05.05 Fixed: Self-extracting RAR-Archive containing ARJ archive with compression rate 0 -> TC opened the inner ARJ instead of the outer RAR archive
10.05.05 Fixed: Lister: Trying to view AVI file with access denied error shows lister window over TC and does not repaint it
09.05.05 Fixed: Apply button not enabled when checking the “USB stick” option
09.05.05 Fixed: Compare between ftp and Samba network-attached drive in sync not working (reason: Samba case-sensitive)
09.05.05 Fixed: Compare between ftp and local file in sync not working if ftp on the left side
09.05.05 Fixed: Could no longer open compare by contents dialog if only one file or no files were selected
09.05.05 Fixed: Mime-decoding created invalid output if the name of the file contained =? encoding and used base64 as the encoding method

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