Patch for WordPress 2.0 trackback issue

After upgrading to wordpress 2.0, I found the WP2.0 is failed to send trackback.

This issue is also confirmed by ijliao, priv, and Ah Knight’s Blog.

There has been a workaround in Ah Knight’s Blog for this issue.But even you clean up the “to_ping” field, you may encounter this issue again later. Instead of clean up the “to_ping” field times by times, I try to dig the bug out from the source.

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讓 WP2.0 可以正常trackback

An english version of this post can be found here .

把站台從 wordpress 1.5 升上 wordpress 2.0 的人們,可能發現不能 Trackback了。我,也中標了。

Ah Knight’s Blog提供了一個蠻暴力的解法變通的方法:把資料庫中的 to_ping欄位給清光光,並提及可能的原因是:

this problem is because of to_ping field contain some char ( including space, tab which represent by \n\r )

正好在 IRC 上,我跟 ijliaopriv也在討論這個問題,既然問題可能出在 to_ping這個欄位,於是乾脆進source裡翻翻看,看問題到底出在哪裡。


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升級到 WordPress 2.0

嗯,我把 WP 2.0 給掛上去了。



基本上,一切都還蠻順利的。原來擔心的「plugin很多不能用」也沒有發生。以下是我的 worklog,有興趣的人可以參考一下:

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