Furl-It 壞好久了

已經 超過一個月 了。

真的不知道該怎麼說 😛

用furl會不會比較快? 那個時候,我的 Furl-It 標題就是亂碼了(其實 clipping 也是),測過 Firefox 跟 IE 都會,在其他的電腦上也會,所以每次要用 Furl-It 的時候,得要再手動 copy 一次標題和 clipping 過去才行。

我 11/4 時送個了 [COMMENT]:[QUESTION] Encoding problems… 過去,沒有任何回音。

11/10 時送了個 [COMMENT]:[BUG] Furl It failed to translate multi-byte language,還是沒有任何回音。

好吧,光陰似箭,我在 11/15 又送了一次: [COMMENT]:[BUG] Bug in furl…


I’ve report the bug below twice but RECEIVED NO RESPONSE AT ALL.

I don’t know if furl cares about the bug.
I even don’t know if you are working on it.

Maybe I should try another social bookmark service.


Sorry for the delay in our reply.

Thank you for reporting this bug. We are aware of some foreign language support issues, and I forwarded your mail to our software development team for review.

We appreciate your feedback, and thank you for using Furl. Check the news blog on Furl.net for new developments, fixes, and releases.

然後更好玩的是,過了三天我收到了另外兩封回信,分別是我第一次跟第二次 report 的回信,內容不外乎 We’re aware of this language issue and are currently working on a fix. 之類的。

終於,在 25 天後, 11/29,Furl-It 正常了。



既然 Furl-It 已經壞一個月了,我開始考慮跳槽到BlogMarks了。


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